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Sell back textbooks – when is the best time?

Friday, May 27th, 2011

As the year ends, people often ask us when is the best time to sell back textbooks?

Well, at first we thought we should go into an in-depth discussion about supply and demand economics.  Of course we slept through that class as well, so that would not really help out this discussion about selling used books for cash.  However, there are a few things that will definitely alter the value of the used textbook you are hoping to we will buy back for mad summer cash.

  1. Do you still have the required CD, DVD, or other possible supplemental materials with your school book?
  2. Is the book in great condition, or did you forget to highlight on two pages, or perhaps dropped it in a fish bowl?
  3. Is this book still going to be in high demand next year, or is a new textbook edition about to be released?
  4. How many of these books have already been sold – is the market flooded?

Unfortunately, you as a college student really only have control over the first two items.  So we recommend trying to limit highlighting in your books to less than 25% of pages or else you are not likely to find a textbook buy back company willing to purchase your used book; however, you might find another student willing to pay for your artistry.  Also, don’t lose or break those required CDs – your music appreciation textbook is not really worth much to us or anyone else with the seven required CDs missing or broken into pieces.  The other factors (supply and demand) are really in the hands of the textbook publishers, campus book stores, and of course your professors.

Sell Back Textbooks

Sell Back Textbooks early for the most cash.

Okay, so you Mr. College Student, has kept your book in good condition and wondering when might be the best time to sell back textbooks for cash?  Well,  we reviewed some of our data, through it into the calcujumbulator and will give you the highlights after reviewing intensive ISBN buyback data.  Our conclusions, are as follows:

  1. Supply is related to demand: In other words, as more and more students are selling back books the buyback prices go down.
  2. The sooner the better: The last week of April, into the first couple weeks of May saw increasing buyback price quote generation and subsequently lower and lower cash buyback prices for your books.  The early bird definitely gets the cash book worm.
  3. When we fill up, the cash stops: As our quota for a given ISBN was reached we stopped offering buyback quotes for that ISBN.

Final thoughts: Sell early for the best used book buyback cash.  Remember, you can get a quote before you are done with your school book, but we still want that hot little textbook in our hands within two weeks, or we will have to give a new buyback price because supply is rapidly increasing as the season progresses.  As supply increases, it means less demand, and therefore lower cash prices for your used books to sell us.

With a little bit of careful timing you can sell back textbooks early for the highest cash price.