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Selling back textbooks for cash with ISBN buyback

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Have you recently done an ISBN buyback?

ISBN Buyback

ISBN Buyback

We really appreciate how many people sell back books for cash which helps us support RIF and SELF.  However, sometimes our customers do not do the best job packing their buyback textbooks.  We recently discovered a good article on how to pack textbooks for buyback over on  The article does a good job talking about packing types like not using packing peanuts, or ensuring your books do not slide around in whatever box you use to ship back your textbooks.

Remember you can sell back books of all kinds, not just textbooks:

Fiction and non-fiction books

Computer and art books

Workbooks that do not have any writing in them

However, remember we no longer buy:

Loose leaf editions – basically the same pages as the textbook, but ready for three ring binder

Partial sets – for example volume 2 of a two volume set, make sure you are entering the individual isbn buyback and not the set

Any sort of advanced ready copies

We also can not buy back books that have:

Missing, ripped, or loose pages

Covers that are heavily damaged or ripped/torn

Textbooks with odors or mildew

Books with any sort of liquid damage

Textbooks that have broken or damaged bindings

Any books that do not meet our ISBN buyback conditions will not be returned and are promptly recycled.  Remember all this information can be found in our “Help” section.  We also encourage people to use more than one piece of tape when sealing their textbook buyback book boxes – tape is cheap, losing your textbook in the mail is not :)

Remember selling your books for cash is fast and easy with an doing an ISBN buyback:

ISBN Buyback

ISBN buyback